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The tips should be adapted when you change the argumentative strategy

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The developmental paragraphs are an essential part of how to make a good essay and the composition of the essay-argumentative genre, since from them you will base the thesis presented in your introduction.

It takes organization so that everything is well justified and no information is missing from these “middle” paragraphs of the text. Take heed of the following tips, put them into practice, and perfect your writing further.


  • Introducing a Phrasal Topic: Phrasal topic is the central idea of your argument, what you believe to be the problem situation related to the topic and that will be the focus of discussion of the paragraph. It is usually presented by a brief phrase that synthesizes your thinking about the situation. It can be elaborated as an affirmation, a comparison or a historical reference, for example.
  • Rationale of the idea: after presenting the problem situation, you must then prove the idea. Try to answer the following questions: Why does such a problem occur? As it happens? Are there any examples, data or theoretical reflections about it? This information should appear and denote credibility to what you say.
  • Closing the idea: it is about resuming, reaffirming the phrasal topic, in order to indicate that your point of view was valid and therefore clearly grounded by means of the answers from step 2. You are practically saying “See, reader? I told you the matter was serious! I proved, exemplified and everything! “

Keep in mind that:

  • This is not the only method of organizing the paragraphs of argumentation, only one (good!) Suggestion

The tips should be adapted when you change the argumentative strategy, for example, cause and consequence, enumeration, among other models of presentation of the subject. The important thing is to never leave the reader wondering why and the consequences of what you claim to be the problem.

Another point to keep in mind is that these strategies serve both a negative and a positive argument. Do not take the word “literally” to the letter. Think about situation. You can address both a negative and a positive situation.

It is also very enriching when you are able to demonstrate that there are negative aspects, but also positive aspects on the subject. Just do not forget to position yourself, stating that, because it is not completely efficient and satisfactory, measures must be taken, to ensure the improvement of what is discussed.

Here is a practical example of the above topic: Let us assume that the theme is a reflection on the Unified Health System. We know the criticisms of the system well, to base the negative side is easy, but it is also very common. And you have to “run away” from common sense, right? For this, it is necessary to go beyond. For example, address the favorable points in the system. Which ones are they?

Only 20 years ago, health was not everyone’s right, it was the privilege of workers with a formal contract and their dependents, which put other people excluded from the possibility of medical care. SUS universalised the service, any citizen has, by right, access to health!

In 2012, the system was the focus of discussion on the Geneva Committee of the World Health Organization. The goal was to introduce it to help other countries build a similar public health system, that is, our system is a reference for other nations.

“In spite of this …” That’s where your critical sense comes in on the subject. Basically, the student should consider that the system is good, in theory, but has not been effective in practice, which evidences the need for improvements, changes, interventions.

Let’s put these tips into practice? Choose here some of our themes and start training the construction of development paragraphs. Do a lot of research on the subjects, be always up to date and expand your sociocultural repertoire.

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