Make a good conclusion to your essay

The writing of essay is the most important part of this decisive test for someone’s future, since it is the student’s only chance to reach the 1,000 mark. Therefore, writing is the opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate all his knowledge, abusing clarity and objectivity to build a cohesive, grammatically correct text that is within the given proposal.

And the writing better fulfills its role when closed with intelligence, does not it? To help you succeed in completing your text, we listed in today’s post some tips that will make your essay the difference between the other candidates. So join us and learn more!

Propose an intervention

Exam requires you to close your dissertation with an intervention proposal to solve the problem discussed. But brokers are already tired of cliches, like “investing more in education.” To innovate and surprise, look for other alternatives such as suggesting training of NGOs or communities in social networks, indicating possible alternatives for the population or even greater enforcement and enforcement, demonstrating that you know what the legislature and the judiciary should do.

Answer: what ?, who? It is like?

After exposing the discussion and its thesis throughout the essay, in order to finalize it consistently, it is necessary to answer these 3 questions:

  • What can I do to solve the problem?
  • Who will execute this solution?
  • How will it be executed?

That way, you will not leave gaps in front of the broker and he will understand perfectly what your suggestion and the viability of it. Clarity and objectivity in an argumentative dissertation are never too much.

Avoid Effect Phrases

The last tip is essential: do not fall into the temptation to end with phrases of effect! Structures such as “young people are the future of the country” or “education is able to solve all long-term problems” are worn out – in addition to extremely clich├ęs.

What you have to keep in mind are ways to make your text stand out in the eyes of that broker who stayed all day reading the same things.

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